Kilimanjaro Cost

Kilimanjaro Cost

Kilimanjaro Cost

The most significant part of your holiday in Tanzania is to find out the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. The absolute Kilimanjaro trek cost is around US$1600. To get this price, however, you would probably have to travel directly to Tanzania and negotiate with various agencies, look to join a group, and opt for the cheapest route and the shortest number of days.

A decent trek, should, to be honest, cost double this – US$2000-3000. However, there are other expenses, like flights, insurance, visas, and equipment. Many people commit to Climbing Kilimanjaro before thinking through the full financial implications.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost Considerations

The total climbing Kilimanjaro cost is significantly more than the travel package numbers that you see on travel websites. Several costs are not accounted for in the total travel package cost. In our experience, there are 7 key cost factors that you should budget for, as follows.

So here they are – Climbing Kilimanjaro cost, one through seven

  • Getting to Kilimanjaro – Flights [Budget $1,300 (£950)]
  • Climbing travel packages [Budget $2,000-$2,500 (£1,500-1,900)]
  • Tanzanian visa [Budget $50 (£30)]
  • Vaccinations and medications [Budget $150 (£100)]
  • Equipment and kit [Budget $800 (£600)]
  • Tipping guides and porters [Budget $300 (£250)]
  • Miscellaneous expenses [Budget $200 (£150)]

Total Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost = ~$5,000 (£3,500)

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a relatively expensive venture due to the logistics involved to make a climb successful and as comfortable as possible and you need to be aware of a possibility for some additional costs that could pop up depending on the needs during your expedition. But it will be money well spent as memories created as well as the personal satisfaction achieved will be cherished forever.

Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

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