Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tents are something different to be watched out for because as a climber you need to go through the hygiene during your bathroom situation on the mountain. And once you see the public camps that thousands of other trekkers use daily, you’ll realize our clean, private toilets are essential to your hygiene and health on Kilimanjaro.

Hygienic bathrooms mean less chance of infection. This allows your body to focus on acclimatization and muscle repair. Summit, here you come!

  • Tents provide welcome privacy.
  • Tents are exclusively for trekkers only.
  • Portable pump-flush toilets are eco-friendly and sanitary.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided to keep you healthy.
  • Walk-in height tents are clean and comfortable.

Toilet tents are not allowed by the national park on the Marangu route, as there are toilet huts provided by the park. At the designated campsites on the camping routes, there are pit latrine toilets provided by the national park for all hikers to use. Some groups prefer to have their private toilet tent on the campsites, and this can be provided. The toilet tent will only be available for use at the designated campsites.

We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable bags for waste collection in our toilet tents. The charge for the provision of the toilet tent is for the tent, the equipment, and the porter who will be responsible for carrying, setting up, and cleaning the equipment.

Once you decide on a Tour Operator for your Kilimanjaro climb, you will have the option to add on additional things to make your climb more comfortable, and adding a private toilet to your climb will be one of those options.

  • Cleanliness - Private toilets are for exclusive use by only your private group. So it has way less traffic than the public outhouses at the Kilimanjaro camps, and naturally, it smells much better than their public counterparts.
  • Convenience – Depending on the location of your tent and its proximity to the camp outhouses it can sometimes be a challenge to get to the outhouse at night when there is no light or in foggy conditions which often occur on the mountain. Having a private toilet also means a lot less waiting for others to finish using the outhouses.

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