Kilimanjaro Success Rate

Kilimanjaro Success Rate

Kilimanjaro Success Rate

Climbing Kilimanjaro and conquering Uhuru Peak, the highest peak of Africa is on top of every adventurer's bucket list. But Kilimanjaro hike is not an easy task. It needs a great deal of endurance, a decent amount of fitness, and of course beating the altitude sickness. Perhaps that is why, according to a recent survey, the annual Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate is 66%.

Please note that the aforementioned data is the average Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate. There are six different Kilimanjaro Routes to the summit. And all Kilimanjaro Routes boost different success rates.

Why does Kilimanjaro Success Rate Differs With Different Kilimanjaro Routes?

The single most important factor affecting the Kilimanjaro Success Rate is the amount of time you spend in the mountain. The more time you spend on the mountain, the better you adjust to its high altitude. Which in turn will help you in beating the Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness. Altitude Sickness is the main reason maximum travelers fail to complete the hike and are forced to go down back.

It is unwise to spend any less than 7 days/6 nights on the mountain to acclimatize safely. If you take a 6-Day Kilimanjaro Hike, there is a lower chance of reaching the summit. But, if you could add an extra day or two for acclimatization, the chances are you will be watching the sunrise from the top of Uhuru Peak.

Different routes take up different days. Each Kilimanjaro Routehas its distinct pros and cons. Some are picturesque yet not ideal for acclimatization. While some boast high Kilimanjaro summit success rates but in reality are quite cramped at certain times of the year.

The route taking up a minimum of 7-8 days, with a profile of “climb high, sleep low” and easier terrain is your best bet for reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit successfully.

Kilimanjaro Routes Success Rate

As one of the prime Mount Kilimanjaro Tour Operators, Timeless Dream Travels have regular climbs on four of the main routes:

  • The Machame Route in 7 days is our preferred route. With a 90% success rate, it offers excellent acclimatization and views.
  • The Lemosho Route has an over 90% success rate. It is the same as the Machame route after the second camp. The only difference is it gives an extra day on the mountain.
  • The Rongai Route success rate is 85%. It approaches from the north of the mountain and is most preferable during the rainy season as it's more sheltered.
  • The Northern Circuit Route offers a longer 9 days hike to Kilimanjaro. It has the highest success rate of 97%.
  • The Marangu Route offers a 6-day hike to Kilimanjaro and is often referred to as the easiest route. But it has a very low success rate of just 65%.
  • The Umbwe Route Success Rate is 75%. Approaching from the southern direction, it is the toughest route among all routes.

Which Kilimanjaro Route Has The Highest Summit Success Rate?

The Northern Circuit Route. With 97%, it has the highest Kilimanjaro Success Rate. Mainly because it takes 8 to 9 days for the summit. It is the newest and longest route that approaches south of Kilimanjaro with the most spectacular view and overall 360-degree scenery of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Timeless Dream Travels is a highly reputable operator on Mount Kilimanjaro. With an average of 98% Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate for hundreds of guests who used us as their mountain climbing outfitter. We have successfully hosted trekking expeditions for many Groups and Solo Travellers. Both professional adventurers who summited several peaks as well as amateur climbers who have never done any mountain climbing before.

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