Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

When you’re Climbing Kilimanjaro, it is customary to tip the guides and porters. It constitutes a significant proportion of a guide or porter’s salary. How much exactly do you need to pay? When to pay? Who to pay?

Let’s discuss tipping on Kilimanjaro in this Guide.

Is Kilimanjaro Tipping Necessary?

Every Kilimanjaro climber is accompanied by a group of porters and Kilimanjaro Guides. The porters will carry most of your gear, your food, and all the necessary Gears to make sure your hike is successful. Ideally, you’ll have an entire team devoted to getting you to the top including a guide, assistant guide, cook, and a minimum of two Kilimanjaro Porters (per person).

In addition to paying your Kilimanjaro tour operator, you’re expected to tip your team as well. And, the decision on How Much to Tip on Kilimanjaro does not depend on whether or not you’ve reached the summit, but how well your Kilimanjaro team has served you.

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines

Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), is an independent organization that advocates fair treatment of porters and is responsible for many of the improved working conditions of those who work on Mount Kilimanjaro. You can have a look at their guidelines for Kilimanjaro Tipping.

Please note that it is against company policy for guides or porters to discuss their tips during your Kilimanjaro Climb. So, please try to stay close to the guidelines above. And, if staff did not perform well, you’re well within your right to tip less.

How Much To Tip on Mt. Kilimanjaro?

On Kilimanjaro, each group will have one lead guide, one assistant guide, one cook, one waiter, and one toilet porter per group. Normally, the number of porters depends on the Kilimanjaro Route and itinerary you choose.

For Marangu and other routes, you’ll need two porters (per head) and three porters for the rest of the routes. Please note that the number of porters is larger for small parties. It is better if you take the time to know your porters and their roles, they’ll appreciate the recognition.

These are some approximate figures on how much to tip your Kilimanjaro team on full group climbs.

If you’re Climbing Kilimanjaro with a larger group, then you can tip on the lower end of these ranges. As for the smaller groups, you’re expected to tip on the higher end of these ranges.

Tipping On Kilimanjaro; When & Who Do You Pay Your Tip To?

Usually, Kilimanjaro tips are paid at the end of your hike, after you’ve reached your final checkpoint and signed out with the authorities. We suggest you tip all your porters and guides individually in separate envelopes.

We urge you to follow the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide and be a responsible traveler. Contribute towards the welfare of the people who strive to make your adventure successful.

Timeless Dream Travels has a dedicated team of Mountain men. We take care of our mountain crew responsibly and uphold all KPAP norms. We pride ourselves on being a Responsible Kilimanjaro Tour Operator.

Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

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