Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

Popularly referred to as “Every man’s Everest”, the tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit is adorned with screes and is covered with glaciers. Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing will be a challenging task. After all, it is no joke to ascend a staggering altitude of 5,895m taking some pretty challenging paths and hiking through five different ecosystems. That’s why Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance is a must to ensure you are covered for all potential risks.

Potentially, Kilimanjaro Hike requires no technical climbing skills since all of its trekking routes are pure hiking paths. But, it is no longer possible to Climb Kilimanjaro independently. All trekkers need to be accompanied by a registered guide. And, it is extremely important to purchase Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance before you start your Kilimanjaro Trip.

What Is Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance & Why Is It So Important?

The general rule says, when you’re trekking above 3000m you need to get yourself insured. We all know Mt. Kilimanjaro towers over Africa at nearly 6000m above sea level. That makes it pretty obvious why you would need a Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance.

  • As you know, Kilimanjaro Trekking is high-altitude trekking through some remote regions where medical facilities or assistance may not be closely available and will take time to reach.
  • Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance will put your mind at ease, you’ll be relaxed. As a result, you’d be able to enjoy your adventure batter.
  • Insurance will cover pretty much anything from lost or stolen luggage to a full helicopter rescue of a mountain.
  • As you are on a high altitude level, there’s a risk of altitude sickness. You need proper medical coverage against that.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike Travel Insurance; Better Safe than Sorry

It is mandatory to have proper up-to-date medical and accident insurance before attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. After all, Climbing Kilimanjaro does have dangers. So, good insurance is a must to cover these risks.

Your Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance must include the following;

  • Insurance for high altitude trekking up to 6,000 meters.
  • Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance For Stolen & Damaged items
  • Insurance for Kilimanjaro Trekking Accident
  • Travel Insurance for Kilimanjaro Off-Mountain Sickness
  • Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance for Financial Protection
  • Helicopter evacuation is really necessary.
  • It should cover the fare if you miss the flight due to an accident, injury or illness.
  • Your insurance should also protect you from standard travel dangers which include baggage delay, loss of personal items, etc.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance Cost

Numerous Insurance companies are providing Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance for Timeless Dream Travels some of which is listed below:

Why Choose Timeless Dream TravelsTo Climb Kilimanjaro?

Timeless Dream Travels is a top and reputable operator on Mount Kilimanjaro. With a 98% Kilimanjaro Success Rate, we have helped over hundreds of Clients reach the summit. We have organized many Groups, Solo Travellers, Honeymooners, and Adventurers, etc.

Our company’s is run by mountaineers. So our travel itineraries are carefully designed keeping everyone’s safety measures in mind. All our guides are multilingual and are well trained. All our crew are local. Hence, they possess a wealth of experience in climbing Kilimanjaro. Thus, they can answer all your queries and help put the entire trip into your perspective. So don’t be shy to call us for a chat or drop us an email with any questions.

Find out more about guided tours to Kilimanjaro. Timeless Dream Travels offers excellent Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages with accommodation and food, all camping equipment, transport, and all park and campsite fees.

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