Machame Route

Machame Route

Machame Routes

Selecting a Kilimanjaro Trekking Route is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Whether or not you reach Uhuru peak depends solely on your choice of route and itinerary. As far as Kilimanjaro Routes are concerned, the Machame Route is the most popular. It has a very good Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate and is highly recommended.

“Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Via 7 Days Machame Route Is Timeless Dream Travels’ Most Preferred Route As It Offers Excellent Acclimatization And Views.”

The Machame Route is very popular mostly for its distinctive view of the five ecosystems on the mountain.Each campsite is different from the other. Each day you’ll be entering a different world. From the luscious jungle to the dense forest, then low brush on the vast lava plateau to the surreal world of huge volcanic boulders, followed by the rock and scree on the massif. And then finally through the mesmerizing glaciers on the crater itself.

It is a good Kilimanjaro Route for acclimatization as it has a “high climb- sleep low” opportunity for you on day three.Machame will give you the thrill of a mountain challenge. Currently, it accounts for about 50% of all visitors. It is the traditional camping route. Hence best suited for people with plenty of hiking/camping experience. Machame route has a very high success rate of about 85%.

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