Marangu Route

Marangu Route

Marangu Routes

The Marangu Route is the original and the oldest Kilimanjaro Climbing Route. Marangu Route is also known as Tourist Route” and the “Coca-Cola Route”. As the Marangu is the most popular route on the mountain, hence it is considered “touristy”. Also, this is the only Kilimanjaro route where you get to sleep in nice & cozy sleeping huts.

The Marangu Route AKA the ‘Coca-Cola’ route has a reputation for being the “easiest” Kilimanjaro Climbing Route. Mostly, unprepared, inexperienced climbers prefer this route.

It is also the shortest Kilimanjaro Climbing Route. Hence has a relatively poor acclimatization profile. It is a major contributor to the low success rates on the Marangu. This route offers moderate elevation which is not as effective as other “climb high, sleep low” opportunities of other Kilimanjaro routes.

Marangu Route is the only Kilimanjaro Climbing Route with dormitory-style accommodation in huts for the whole duration of the climb. The huts are well furnished with mattresses and basic amenities. It’s a popular choice for budget operators who lack the right equipment to tackle the other Kilimanjaro routes.

Even with beautiful views from the Saddle, Marangu Route is less scenic than other Kilimanjaro routes due to the ascent and descent on the same trail. It is best suited for climbers with less experience. Also, this Kilimanjaro Hiking Route is the only route with sleeping huts and dormitory-style accommodation, which is ideal for families or groups wanting to avoid the camping experience.

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