Northern Circuit Route

Northern Circuit Route

Northern Circuit Routes

The Northern Circuit Route is considered to be one of the best Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes. It is the longest and newest Kilimanjaro Hiking Route. Therefore it offers an excellent acclimatization profile. Consequently, it has the highest Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate and comes highly recommended by Timeless Dream Travels.

“With the highest Kilimanjaro success rate, the Northern Circuit route promises panoramic beauty and much-needed seclusion.”

The Northern Circuit is the newest as well as the longest Kilimanjaro Climbing Route. Recently it has gained the nickname of 360 route or the Grand Traverse. Its long journey is great for acclimatization. Only a small number of climbers choose the Northern Circuit as it requires additional days to complete. Starting from the same point as the Lemosho Route, this route offers similarly scenic views. Camping is the only available accommodation option on the Northern Circuit Route.

The overall Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate is high. You need to have stronger physical and mental stamina as it is a longer trip. But acclimatization will be better as you have time to adapt to the less oxygen in the air. The days vary in length but as usual, it’s the long summit night that will be the hardest. On the brighter side, this route won’t seem nearly as hard on the lungs.

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