Rongai Route

Rongai Route

Rongai Routes

The Rongai Route, not only offers fantastic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro but also over the Kenyan plains. As you approach the spectacular Mawenzi Tarn at 4,330m, the green turns quickly to dusty brown. Thanks to the jagged peaks of Mawenzi cone a majestic presence at this point.

“The Rongai Route Is The Only Route Approaching From The Northern Side Of The Mountain, Near The Kenyan Border, And Is A Less-Traveled Option. It Is Most Preferable During The Rainy Season As It's More Sheltered.”

To put it simply, the Rongai Route is one long hike with a very gentle rise and a low difficulty level. It is the only Kilimanjaro Climbing Route that approaches from the Northern side of the mountain, near the Kenyan border. The Rongai route is less frequently climbed. Only around 4,000 people Climb Kilimanjaro Via TheRongai Route each year.The Rongai and Marangu route has striking similarities in terms of its lack of “climb high sleep low” opportunities. It is a good alternative to the more crowded routes such as the Marangu, especially if you prefer camping over huts.

In comparison with other Kilimanjaro Routes like the Lemosho route and Northern Circuit route, the Kilimanjaro Success Rate of the Rongai Route is a little less. Mainly because the Rongai route doesn’t have a great “climb High Sleep Low” profile. It only offers one opportunity to climb high and sleep low which might not be sufficient for acclimatization.

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