Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

Travel to Tanzania is something most people have dreamt about, and when you get to chance to do that, it will become something recorded in your mind forever. Exploring and seeing the Africa you had seen only in nature documentaries, experiencing romantic Africa from the book ‘Out of Africa’ or Africa full of adventures from the book ‘Explorers of the Nile’, it’s a real dream come true for all. A good safari is probably one of the most expensive types of holiday or vacation that is available. So you want to know that you can afford it before you start planning. But just as with cars, clothes, and apartments, there is no “one size fits all’'.

The final trip’s pricing will heavily depend on the following 3 factors:

Travel seasons:There are 3 main seasons which are High, Mid, and Low. The high season is the most expensive. The months are mid-June – end of October and then mid-December to end of February. The midseason being October, November & March and Low season being in April & May.

Package category:There are 3 main categories which are High-end, Mid-range, and Budget. The high end being the most expensive due to choice of the very costly accommodation facilities plus the inclusion of some optional services and activities but with us, the choice of the destinations, vehicles, and guides will stay the same in all 3 categories.

Mode of transport and location of the accommodation facilities:There is a possibility of doing full overland trips during the safari portion or include some flying or do flying only trips whereby the guests will fly from one area to the other and this will be more expensive. Also, the tariff for the accommodation facilities that are located within the national parks or the protected area will be higher than the facilities that are located in the town areas or within farms due to the addition/absence of the park and concession fees.

Top Destinations In Tanzania, You Want To Visit

Discover all the destinations, activities and exercusions to enjoy while in Tanzania. Including visiting the amazing national parks and other natural attractions, seeing the wonderful scenery and the diverse cultures and so much more.

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