Tanzania Travel Safety

Tanzania Travel Safety

Tanzania Travel Safety

From the glittering white sandy beaches of Pemba to the iconic game drives of Serengeti, Tanzania Safari Holidays is on the rim of every adventure-hungry traveler’s bucket list. But is Tanzania safe? Is it safe to plan a Safari Trip in Tanzania? Let’s find out all about Tanzania Travel Safety.

Yes, Tanzania is a fairly safe country. Every year millions of tourists visit this beautiful country in the hopes of a thrilling Tanzania Travel experience. And, the statistics say that there is a good number of repeat guests to the country as well as the generational travelers who come to Tanzania because their parents, as well as grandparents, visited the country in the past.

That being said, we urge you to always stay cautious and follow all the safety measures dictated by our Tanzania Travel Guide.

Tanzania Health & Safety Policy

To ensure the safety and security of all, the Tanzania Govt. has given the following Tanzania Health & Safety guidelines for all travelers.

  • E-Visa is highly recommended for all travelers wishing to visit the country.
  • Mandatory temperature check at all the borders, airports, banks, and national parks.The government strongly encourages you to wash/sanitize your hands before gaining entrance.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory.
  • Social distancing rules apply to all.
  • Specifically for tourists, the Tanzania government has set up several medical clinics for the potential primary treatment for COVID-19 related issues.
  • Dedicated Covid-19 ambulances are stationed in several major tourist hotspot locations.
  • All travelers are required to produce proof of negative COVID-19 test results taken not more than 72 hours before their arrival into the country or documentation of recovery from COVID-19.

Travel Safety Advice for Tanzania Safari

Timeless Dream Travels recommend the following Tanzania Travel Safety measures to ensure maximum safety during your Tanzania Safari Holidays:

How to Stay Safe during the arranged Activities?

Timeless Dream Travels will allocate you a private Safari Guide who will be in charge of your safety during the Safari. So, you must kindly follow his instructions and adhere to the specified park rules. This will be the same for the mountain climbing and all other excursions arranged as part of the itinerary. All the guides are experienced, well trained, and have a good knowledge of what to do to ensure maximum safety.

Is Tanzania Safe for Solo Female and Children travelers?

Most solo female travelers often wonder about their safety during Tanzania Safari Tours. Well, put all your doubts to rest because, with Timeless Dream Travels, all women, senior citizens, children, people with special needs, and adults of all age groups are safe and secure. We always customize each trip in consideration of its needs and specific requirements to ensure that all will go well and all the guests will have a time well spent in Tanzania.

All in all, Tanzania is safer than most of the other destinations. Safety and security are top-notch, people are very friendly and peace-loving and with very few general health concerns. A little caution from your side, respect towards the local culture, guidelines, and protocols will ensure you an amazing and memorable holiday in Tanzania.

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