Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa

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Tanzania Visa Requirements

  • Valid Passport – Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is mandatory.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate – It is essential to produce a yellow fever certificate at the Immigration Office when you land in Tanzania.
  • Payment Methods – US Dollars in cash is the most convenient way to pay for the Visa upon arrival.
  • Itinerary – You got to show your flight as well as the trip’s itinerary to the Tanzanian Immigration Officials.

How to Apply For Tanzania e-Visa

Step 1: Keep the below-mentioned documents at the ready -

  • Invitation letter
  • Travel Itinerary
  • The entry point into the country
  • passport details

Step 2: Go to the website: www.immigration.go.tz/visa

Step 3: Choose the preferred Language.

Step 4: Click on “Services” and then “Visa”.

Step 5: Click “Entry visa” and then “Apply online now”.

Step 6: Fill in the form and send it.

Step 7: Check if the form was sent successfully.

Step 8: Receive your visa acceptance mail within 3 to 7 days.

Types of Tanzania Visa

The Tanzania Immigration department has six types of visas.

Ordinary Visa

It is a single entry visa with 90 days' validity. An ordinary visa is issued to all foreign nationals for Tourism, attending conferences, Humanitarian visits, Leisure, and charity events, Family visits, Health Treatment, or any other purpose determined by the issuing authority.

Multiple Entry Visa

If you wish to visit Tanzania multiple times then you can apply for it. Generally, multiple Entry Visa is granted to Government Consultants, Representatives of international NGOs, Spouses married to Tanzanians/Residents, Persons engaged in Bilateral Meetings,

Transit Visa

Travelers who wish to transit through to another destination outside Tanzania are granted transit visas. However, it is valid for only 7 days.

Business Visa

Business visas are issued for 90 days to any foreign national. It is issued for the following purposes only.

  • For conducting special government-approved assignments.
  • For auditing accounts, and making business contacts, making feasibility studies, and more.
  • Legal purposes recognized by the laws of the country.

Student Visa

Foreign nationals entering the country for Research, EAC Students, Exchange students, Interns are provided a student visa.

Gratis Visa

Gratis Visa is issued for both single entry and multiple entries to the holder of diplomatic, recognized by International Organization who is on official duty and their Dependents.

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