Tipping In Tanzania

Tipping In Tanzania

Tipping In Tanzania

Gratuity/Tipping in Tanzania is not compulsory but customary. General staff at lodges, guides, porters, drivers, and other people providing services to travelers are hopeful of receiving tips. Your tip will be highly appreciated and in the long run, tips can make a difference to the staff’s life. Of course, you should only give a tip if you are satisfied with the quality of the service delivered. These tips are adjustable according to your experience and the quality of service you get. Generally, tourists tip higher when they are pleased for outstanding service received and lower for not so good service and nothing for mediocre services if any.

For most of the accommodation where you will be staying, many staffs will be providing direct service to you. For example, those helping with the luggage, food and beverage service, escorting you from and to your tent, and similar functions. These can be tipped directly after each delivery of service. You could give them a tip of about $1 per service delivered. It is advisable to carry many one-dollar bills with you for the smaller tips. You can also give a small tip in the local currency (Shilling).

Then it is advisable to leave tips during check out in the ‘Tips Box’ usually positioned at the Reception Area. This will mostly be for those ‘back of house’ personnel that you did not meet but they did contribute to making your stay comfortable. Examples of these staff are housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, guards, maintenance workers, office staff, and poaching units. Cash payment is the preferred means of receiving these tips.

It is customary to leave a separate tip for your driver-guide at the end of your trip. Our guideline for this is in assumption that you were satisfied by his/her professionalism and quality of service delivered is a minimum of $10 per guest in the booking per day hosted. Cash payment is the preferred means of tipping generally but with a bit of organization, tipping through a card will be possible. But this will need to be communicated in advance so that necessary arrangements are made.

Guidelines provided are just to provide a starting point in the understanding of the matter but they should not be taken as set rules. We know that our guests come from different backgrounds both in terms of tipping customs and ability. And it is our pleasure and honor to get the opportunity to host each one of you.

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