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Mention Tanzania as a vacation destination in Africa and the mind immediately relates it to sprawling grasslands and vast open stretches teeming with a stunning diversity of terrestrial and avian fauna. But the coastal locales of Tanzania are undoubtedly some of the most gorgeous in the world. Powdery soft, silver-white sands gently caressed by the gentle waters offset by the scintillating turquoise-azure of the warm Indian Ocean against a backdrop of the blue skies on the horizon. The weather is always perfect save for some days in the wet seasons. The sky is clear and the sun shines down further warming the sands making them ideal for lazy, languorous siestas and sunbathing sessions on your seaside trip in eastern Tanzania in between relaxed dips in the water. The verdant tropical vegetation offers optimum shade and the palm trees, and other sturdy tropical trees are ideally placed so they can support the hammocks for naps as you revel in your beachfront outing of Africa. Colorful equatorial birds flit among the trees accompanied by monkeys and other aerial frolickers like colorful butterflies. Small mammals like dik-diks and suni antelopes can be spotted feeding on the coastal grasses and shrubs, and as you walk along the sandy beaches, your toes tickled by the waves, you might spot small pool in the rocks. Tiny marine creatures like starfish, mollusks and crabs can be seen stranded by the fading tide, waiting for it to return so they can go back to the ocean. Head out to the deeps of the ocean, and you might be lucky enough to spot seasonal humpback whales making their way along their migratory paths, announcing their presence with an occasional spout of water. Tanzania has hundreds of miles of coastal area, and each destination has something unique to offer you to enjoy while you go island hopping around Tanzania with African Mecca. Do remember that this is a country with a rich historical and cultural past, and the islands that lie to the east of the ocean have participated as trade routes for varied goods. They have also seen much strife with many invaders vying to control them. Many remnants of this vibrant history are still evident today as a fascinating melting pot of cultures, from people of varied ethnic origins to the unique Swahili architecture, cuisine, art, music and much more. As you look out to the sea, you are likely to spot traditional fishing dhows characterized by their special triangular sails, an essential quaint part of the Tanzanian coastline.


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